The Mayfair

This project started as a small reno, but grew into a complete home renovation from the ground up, becoming one of our most awarded builds. It perfectly integrates the classic look of Tudor architecture with lavish interior finishings and a state-of-the-art automation and security system.


Bespoke Details

After we replaced The Mayfair’s foundation, Teragon completely rebuilt both the interior and exterior with the help of the architectural and engineering design team to execute the homeowner’s unique vision for the grand space. Innovation was important to technologically update the entire home without sacrificing its traditional Tudor details, such as opulent walnut panelling, gorgeous flooring, and magnificent ceiling details, including vaulted beams in the living and dining areas. Finally, we lifted a full-height basement and elevated the exterior’s elegant wood craftsmanship.


Wiedemann Architecture, Architerior Design



Wiedemann Architectural Design has been working with Teragon Developments on high-quality, complex residential projects for over twenty years. They have always demonstrated an exceptional level of craftsmanship in the execution of the project as well as flexibility in accommodating changes throughout the process. They operate in a very transparent manner and bill fairly for a level of construction that sets them apart in the industry. We have no reservations in recommending them for your next project.

– Stefan Wiedemann
Owner, Wiedemann Architectural Design

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